Notes about the B.G. GRGC October 2009 Night Shoot Videos . . .

They're fair.  With only starlight, the low-light video didn't have much to work with until the flashlights turn on.

I'm uploading sample videos for stages 2, 3, 4, 5.  
Stage 1 was down a hallway, no way to really get videographer in the hallway with shooter and S.O.  
Stage 6 was off in the corner below stage 5, too far, so had to leave it off.

The "floating lights" you see at times, are the Cyalume glow sticks, hanging from twine around the neck/shoulders of shooters.  
So you can see them from behind in the dark.  Most stages were pretty easy to determine if everyone was downrange.
Stage 1 was the one we had to do explicit headcounts, since you couldn't see through the "walls".

It seemed to be enjoyed by all.  Hope to see more next time.