Trap Shooting

The trap range at GRGC offers both ATA Registered targets and practice targets under ATA rules. Membership in our national governing body, the Amateur Trapshooting Association (shootata.com) is required to participate in registered matches, but not required (Although strongly encouraged) to participate in regularly scheduled practice matches that are open to the public.
GRGC recognizes the importance of promoting youth shooting. To this end we currently host practice and competitions for 4H, FFA, SCTP and AIM programs throughout the year. For more information on involving a youth in these programs please contact Stephen Summers via text at 270-535-5892.
ATA (American style) trap targets are thrown in rotation from five stations at established distances from the traphouse. Each participant fires, one after the other, until all have fired five shots. The participants then rotate to the next station and repeat until all have fired 25 shots.
ATA disciplines include Singles, one target fired upon from the 16 yard line behind the traphouse; Handicap, one target fired upon from a distance between 20 and 27 yards behind the traphouse; and Doubles, 2 targets thrown simultaneously fired upon from 16 yards behind the traphouse. All Singles and Handicap targets are thrown randomly within an arc 34 degrees wide, at the same height, to a distance of 50 yards (App 43 MPH). Doubles are thrown at fixed angles and do not move horizontally.
We adhere to the safety rules as published by the ATA. Basic safety rules are:
All gun actions MUST be open anytime the gun is in movement.
Only ONE shell may be loaded (2 for Doubles) and only once you're on post.
Actions will be closed only upon report of the shooter preceding you.
Eye and ear protection are required on the line.
If you're a first time trap shooter, please don't be intimidated. There are certified coaches at all public matches that are enthusiastic about helping newcomers. Simply mention this to the cashier before signing up and you'll be directed to someone that will walk you through the process.

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