Range Rules


  • Shooters should sign in before using range.
  • Do not shoot at the animal shaped swingers with centerfire rifle rounds. They are for rimfire and straight wall pistol cartridges only. The heavy round gongs are O.K. for most rifles other than 50 BMG or armor piercing.
  • Avoid hitting the silhouette rails with centerfire rifle rounds. Position targets accordingly.
  • Use target backing material that does not make a mess. Do not use materials like sheetrock, foamcore, plywood, etc.
  • Clean up after yourself. Do not leave shot up targets down range.
  • No alcohol on premises.
  • Remember! Make eye and verbal contact with all other shooters before going down range and make sure all firearms are made safe.
  • To make firearms safe: unload, remove magazine, and lock bolt back and do not handle the gun at all while people are down range.
       New Member Range Orientation

 Range Overview

Leftmost trapezoid, is the Cowboy Range.

Smaller trapezoid, is the Archery/Cowboy Front Range.

Large Rectangle is the Main 200 Yard Range.  Berms at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 200 yards.

The right most range (still tree covered in this satellite photo) is the new Gale Stiles Range.

The Jungle Walk (still in progress) is not shown.  Its immediately to the right of the Gale Stiles Range.

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