Please Note: We are currently at our membership cap of 400, but are continuing to accept applications to be placed on a waiting list. 

Fill out an application from below.  Drop it off with the Club Secretary at Gales Distributors on Old Morgantown Road.  (Marianna Stiles is the Secretary, or you can leave it with Roger Stiles the Treasurer.)  This is just getting your name "in line" and establishing your "order" on the waiting list.

You do NOT give money at that time.  IF/when we drop below the 400 cap, and your place in line comes up . . . you'll be asked at that time, if you still intend to join.  If yes, the club will vote on your application at the next meeting.

If accepted, you pay the dues to the Secretary (or Treasurer) at that time.

The next step, is to attend a regularly scheduled shoot.  (You don't have to actually SHOOT in the shoot . . . just attend.) So after (or before if they have time) one of the Match Directors (or any Club Officer) can run you through an "Orientation".  Upon completing and getting a signed orientation . . . take that back to the Treasurer at Gales Distributors and trade it for a gate key.

For those needing "Orientation's" . . . your best bet is the New Shooter Orientation Day. (Look on the schedule for the date this year.)

Second best bet is AFTER a regularly scheduled shoot (Like IDPA on a 4th Saturday, or GRGC Steel Plate on 1st Sunday. Again, look at the Schedule.) Those will let you get all three things you need. Both "Observation" (of the Match), and shooting (maybe even a stage or round within the match if you feel comfortable), and The Verbal Orientation Section. Be patient, if we have a match going on, the Match Director has lots of things to do, and you'll need to wait until things settle after the match for the Orientation Part (but tell them up front that's what you're there for, so they can see you watch the Observation and allow you to shoot some). If you are just uncomfortable shooting a match stage . . . just shooting a few rounds (SAFELY) after the match will be enough.

Third choice is to contact the Range Officer (aka Chief Instructor). (But even if you contact the Range Officer and get the Verbal Orientation, and Observed shooting parts out of the way . . . you'll still need the Observation of a Regular Match.)

Click HERE to download the application in PDF format.  If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it below.

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