This match is shot with factory stock pistols which may be of single shot, revolver or semi-automatic action. Bolt action pistols are not allowed. The Thompson Center Contender single shot pistol is very common and accounts for approximately 80% of the pistols on the line. Semi-auto pistols like the Ruger MKII are common in the smallbore classes. Barrel length must be no more than 12 inches. Targets are placed at 40, 50, 75, and 100 yards from the firing line, with 10 targets at each distance. A match consists of 40 rounds fired in 5 shot strings with 2 minutes to shoot the 5 shots. There are four different pistol matches to participate in; a competitor may shoot in one or all of them:

  • Hunter Pistol: Allows most straight wall, center fire pistol cartridges as well as rimfire cartridges. The .22 Hornet, .357 magnum and .22 magnum are all commonly used. .22 Short, Long & Long Rifle may also be used. The targets are heavy and the lighter rounds may not knock the 100 yard rams down. High velocity bottle neck cartridges are not allowed or any cartridge that causes target damage. More powerful rounds like the .44 magnum perform better but the shooter has to contend with increased recoil and noise. Scopes or iron sights may be used.
  • Hunter Pistol Open Sight: Same as above but restricted to iron sights.
  • Smallbore Hunter Pistol: limited to the .22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle cartridge. The targets are the same height and width, but are lighter. Scopes or iron sights may be used.
  • Smallbore Hunter Pistol Open Sight: same as above but restricted to iron sights.
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