Bullseye Pistol shooting, also known as Conventional Pistol, or 3 Gun Pistol, has been around a long time and was originally designed to combine the civilian’s .22, the police officer’s .38, and the soldier’s .45 into a single match that consists of three equal parts with 90 rounds fired in each section. Each part includes a slow fire, timed fire, and rapid fire section. Slow fire is 10 shots in 10 minutes, timed fire is strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds, and rapid fire is strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds. In a full 3 part match 270 rounds are fired with a total possible score of 2700. The timed and rapid fire shooting is done at 25 yards, and the slow fire is at 50 yards. When a 50 yard range is not available reduced size targets are used at 25 yards. All shooting is done one handed. Any sights may be used. The red dot sight is the most common although open iron sights still hold the record.

At our range we shoot the .22 and centerfire portion; 90 shots each for a total of 180 shots. Any centerfire pistol may be used in the centerfire section. Semi-autos are by far the most commonly used, but with practice a revolver can work. We shoot the slow fire at 25 yards using the reduced size targets. Our matches are NRA approved and allow shooters to work their way up from Marksman to High Master if they want to put in the work.

If it’s your first match you’ll need about 100 rounds for each gun, a staple gun, masking tape, pen or pencil, and of course ear and eye protection. A spotting scope or binoculars will also come in handy. Our matches are small and fairly laid back so they are a perfect opportunity for you to give this type of shooting a try. Feel free to give the contacts listed on the match schedule a call if you have any questions.

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